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Being in Possibility

Oct 14, 2021

Parenting is hard! And without a toolkit to support you - it can be easy to lose your joy along the way. My guest this week, Tiffany Kilpatrick - creator of The Mom Toolkit - is here to talk to us about slowing down and connecting back to the joy of parenting (and of life)! Tiffany dives into The Mom Toolkit online course, her thoughts on adoption and her passion for helping at-risk mothers, and how to put more intentionality into raising your kids and living a joyful life. 

We’re exploring:

  • Tiffany’s Mom Toolkit - and the 6 important areas it covers
  • Why she embraces change and pivots (and the amazing reason she is going back to school for social work!)
  • Urban homesteading and homeschooling and how they play a role in her life
  • Her thoughts on adoption trauma - and her passion for helping at-risk women
  • And more!


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